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Working with Utilities

Whether a consumer is considering installing a solar electric system, wants to subscribe to community solar, or simply wants to learn more, one of the first places to call is the utility. It is very important that consumers contact their electric utility provider early in the process to confirm they have all the necessary permits, documentation, and any special requirements to support the interconnection agreement for a system prior to installation. In addition to safely connecting solar equipment to the grid, consumers will want to speak with them about options for net metering— that is, selling power back to the grid.

SCE&G 10MW Southern Current Hampton CountyA typical checklist will include the following:

  • Net Energy Metering Application
  • Net Energy Metering Interconnection Agreement
  • One-line Diagram of the System
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Application Fee
  • City/County Inspection
  • Utility Onsite Inspection

Utility Contact Information

Find contact information for the local utility.

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If a solar electric system will be connected to the grid, consumers will need to connect the system to the utility grid, commonly known as solar interconnection.

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