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Solar Farms

If a consumer would like to lease their land for a solar farm, they can contact their electrical utility and/or a solar developer.

The first step is to find a developer that is interested. Solar developers are looking for land to use as solar farms. Many considerations such as size of property, location to a transmission line, or location to a substation factor into their interest.

Additionally, consumers may want to contact the local economic development organizations in their county. These organizations may be able to assist if other installations have been installed or may be interested in the economic development aspect. There also may be solar ordinances in the county or municipality.

On June 1, 2018, Governor McMaster signed into law the South Carolina Solar Habitat Act. Through this legislation, the SC Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) established a framework for a voluntary solar habitat certification program and guidance for assisting solar developers in establishing their solar site as a pollinator friendly habitat. The SCDNR has developed a Solar Habitat Guide and certification program for solar farms. The guide and certification information are available on the SCDNR website. If a consumer is interested in solar habitat development, they should contact SCDNR via email or call (803) 734-4199.

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