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Installing and Maintaining a System

Consumers should be aware of the process and requirements to install a solar electric system and any ongoing maintenance that may be required for the system.

Working with Utilities

Whether a consumer is considering installing solar, wants to subscribe to community solar, or simply wants to learn more, one of the first places to call is the utility.

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Working with HOAs

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) can only do what state law allows and what their governing documents allow. Governing documents include declarations, master deeds, bylaws, covenants, conditions, and restrictions.

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Choosing an Installer or Contractor

When choosing an installer or contractor, consumers should make sure that they do their homework, ask the right questions, and obtain bids from at least three solar contractors.

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Warranties, Insurance, and Maintenance

Most solar electric systems come with a 25-year output warranty, but maintenance may be required to comply with a manufacturer’s warranty. Proper maintenance of a system will keep it running smoothly.

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