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Community Solar

If a consumer doesn’t have a rooftop suited for solar panels, rents, or lives in a multifamily building, they may still be able to go solar with community solar.

Community solar allows homeowners and renters the option to buy a portion of a solar farm without installing solar at their home. Community solar arrays, sometimes referred to as a solar farm or solar garden, are centralized utility solar facilities with individual panels available for purchase by consumers, who then receive credits on their electricity bill for the power produced.

Consumers should contact their utility or use the Energy Saver Tool to find out if their electric utility offers community solar.

Potential Benefits


The locations of solar farms are optimized for maximum production; panels are angled perfectly in sunny areas.


When a consumer moves, they can take panel ownership with them to another location in the utility’s electric service area. Consumers will continue to get a credit on utility bills reflecting the lower price of electricity they are paying for with community solar.


When participating in a community solar program, consumers incur no maintenance costs. All maintenance and parts replacement are the responsibility of the project developer/administrator.

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