Who to Call: Issues with Solar


Best Place to Start

Contact Information

Advertising material--Truth in advertising

SC Department of Consumer Affairs


Advertising and Sales – information confirmation

Office of Regulatory Staff / Energy Office


Interconnection a system with a utility

Your utility

Utility contact information

Complaints or disputes regarding the Interconnection process

Office of Regulatory Staff / Consumer Services

ORS will investigate claims regarding delays or misinformation during the interconnection process.

Utility Incentives and billing questions

Your utility.  If questions/concerns remain, contact Office of Regulatory Staff/Utility Rates and Services

Utility contact information

Office of Regulatory Staff/Consumer Services

SC Tax credit questions

Office of Regulatory Staff / Energy Office


Financing legitimacy

SC Department of Consumer Affairs


Construction – concerns, options, licensing   
Applies to any installation including Leasing

Local Building Code officials

State Department of Labor, Licensing and Review (Residential Building and Codes Council)

Required Licenses for Solar Installation in South Carolina

Homeowners’ Association (HOA) solar questions

Your HOA.  If your concern is changing the law to keep HOA’s from forbidding solar in your neighborhood, you can discuss it with your state and local elected official.  


Do I need changes in my homeowner’s insurance?

Your insurance company
Your utility and/or Your solar installer

The South Carolina Generator Interconnection Procedures require insurance at a certain coverage prior to interconnection.

Roof warranty questions

Check with manufacturer of your roofing material or with your installer.



Leasing Specific Issues

Entity interested in becoming a Lessor

Office of Regulatory Staff / Utility Services


Leasing company certified to work in SC?

Office of Regulatory Staff / Consumer Services 

A list of certified leasing companies is located on the ORS website.

Complaint against Leasing Company – Sales/Marketing before or after signing lease

Office of Regulatory Staff / Consumer Services

If the lease is valid and the consumer is still not satisfied they can take their complaint to the SC Department of Consumer Affairs.

Costs & Incentives
Net Metering
Red Flags for Solar Scams
Choosing a System
Purchasing Solar
Solar Leasing
Community Solar
Installation and Maintenance
Choosing an Installer or Contractor
Questions to ask a solar installer
What should my solar bid include?
How Solar Works
Types of Solar Panels
Types of Solar Electric Systems
Solar Legislation
Reports and Publications
Training Programs
Solar Related Terms
Local Government Resources
Solar Press

Solar Photos

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Energy Office
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